Tent Decorate

Tent Decoration

We provide a complete range of tentage services which in itself is an umbrella, comprising a range of services such as the assembling of tents/pandals, seating arrangement, lighting, PA system, and stage preparation which are all done tastefully and in an exquisite manner.

We have a trained workforce for performing all the specialized tasks and we do the job swiftly and as per the client requirements. We strive to serve with the utmost quality and elegance to make the moments memorable.

We’ve seen most of the time, sometimes the weather ruins your celebration. But not anymore… Ram Krishna Tent house offers you waterproof tents. Yes, you read it right. A water-proof tent, so we ensure that not even weather can ruin your celebration.

  • We have a team of decorators, which ensure their best practice and try their best to turn your decoration ideas into reality. It’s your special day, why don’t you decide? Floral Decoration, an authentic decoration or a royal wedding decoration; Or you want a theme wedding. We got you everything!
  • What is the best thing about having an outdoor wedding? Isn’t a colorful tent, gives a soothing ambiance, depends upon your creativity. A wedding is all about imaginations, colorful, and entertainment. What can be best than amazing decor, take your celebration to the next level?
  • Our decorator has a ton of decoration ideas to make your wedding memorable and creates an atmosphere you always wanted. It doesn’t matter it’s summer, winter, or monsoon we have a decoration for every season.

Planning Sangeet or a pre-wedding celebration or a gathering. From a grand celebration to a small gathering we have a tent of every-sizes and shades. Well, you can say, that Rama Krishna Tent House is a one-stop solution to your all wedding decorations or wedding planning.

Ulta Umbrella

What makes us different?

Well, we consider every client as our family and their function as our celebration. That’s why we offer customizable and affordable packages. Most importantly we are available at short notices, so you don’t need to postpone your celebration or gathering for some other day.

We will love to be a part of your celebration and make that as memorizable as possible. We ensure our best practices for your occasion and ensure that your guest has a great time throughout the occasion. So, ready to make your celebration stands-out among all?


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